Privacy Policy

  1. We, at SGC Best, do not track (or) store any user’s private data.
  2. We, at SGC Best, do not have any tracking app installed on our website. Example for a tracking app is Google Analytics which collects all your personal and private data. For more details on how these tracking apps violate your privacy, please refer to these articles. Why you should stop using Google Analytics on your website | Plausible Analytics ; All the Ways Google Tracks You—And How to Stop It | WIRED
  3. Since we, at SGC Best, do not aim to exploit the users and their data (or) privacy in any way, we do not inherently have any need to install (or) use any tracking app.
  4. We, at SGC Best, believe in transparency – in everything we do and in every way we conduct business. This includes the awareness and conscious business decision anyone running a website could make, in order to make sure that the way they conduct their business (or) run their website doesn’t become a nuisance (or) an unethical intrusion into the privacy of the users in any way. Should you feel your data privacy might be at risk while using our website, please do not hesitate a moment to write to us at [email protected] Your mails and voice of concern would never go unheard. You will not merely hear back from us. Any (or) all necessary actions needed to stop the violation of your privacy and data would be immediately considered, discussed with you and carried out promptly from our side.
  5. We, at SGC Best, value your privacy as we would like to value ours.
  6. In order to run online-live classes, we, at SGC Best, would need to take the help of a few other service-providers to offer the seamless learning experience to the users, while using our website. For this purpose, the apps that would work with SGC Best are Microsoft Teams & JetWebinar (Online Live Classes), ThriveCart (Payment carts and Membership portal service provider), PayPal and RazorPay (Payment Gateways). As you can see, we, at SGC Best, do not personally track (or) store any of your personal, on (or) off-session data with us. Each of these solution providers have a market-standard platform to offer their services in the mentioned categories. This includes the ethical usage of your session-data in order to help navigate their sites properly for a seamless user experience, like PayPal storing your card details for processing your payments (or) Thrivecart storing your login details to offer membership portal service.
  7. The only data we, at SGC Best, might store on our own database in readable format would be your mail IDs. This is only if you have opted to receive the updates about SGC Best’s offerings. SGC Best website is built with Brizy. Brizy would help collect the mail ID and other message you might send through the website, so that we will be able to receive your message and send the updates to you in the mail ID you have provided. For mail communications, we use Microsoft 365 (Mail Server), Postmark (Transactional mails from website) and ConvertKit (Newsletters only for those who have subscribed). We, at SGC Best, do not believe in spamming your inbox. Should you feel the need to take a break from receiving any promotional mails from SGC Best, please feel free to unsubscribe anytime. On a lighter note, it would be a feat, if we, at SGC Best, could manage to send you any promotional mails more than a few times per year, as we mainly would like to notify you only when any new course (or) a new batch starts – which might not happen so very often.
  8. SGC Best site would be hosted on Webdock. The ethical attitude of Webdock in running their business resonated instantly with SGC Best’s policy. With Webdock, the end-users can stay assured that the websites they interact with do not host/store any of their private data in an unethical way.
  9. None of the business solution providers we have chosen for SGC Best would track, store (or) exploit your data (or) violate your privacy intentionally (or) unintentionally. Each one of these service providers are extremely ethical in the way they offer their business-services and in handling the data of users. That’s the reason, SGC Best has chosen to rely on them to offer our services to the end-users in a seamless way.
  10. We, at SGC Best, do not believe in relinquishing our responsibility when something might go wrong, even due to unintentional causes. We would never try to shift the blame/responsibility towards some third-party service provider, in order to take a safe spot, when things go wrong. We would like to take responsibility and work towards offering a right solution at the earliest possible. We value your time more than we value ours. We understand the pain any hiccups in interacting with our service might cause you. We like to work proactively to make sure that using our product (or) service does not become a nuisance to you in any way (or) for any reason. For any queries you may have (or) for any assistance you may need, always please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] Operational address of SGC Best – D408, Shri Radha Vintage, Mathura – 281001.

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